Ippon Technologies strengthens its positioning and announces brand evolution in line with its 2024 objectives

Ippon Technologies is aiming to become a fixture as a major consulting firm. The company announced today the evolution of its brand strategy, which includes the strengthening of its positioning and the change of its visual identity. Ippon Technologies also discusses its 2024 objectives and ambitions, with a target of 1,000 employees, $100 million in revenue, and expansion of its office network. 

Founded in 2002 in Paris by current CEO Stéphane Nomis, Ippon Technologies is at a turning point in its history. With 25% year over year growth, Ippon is now positioned as an international technology consulting firm. Ippon accelerates the digital transformation of companies, helping them design their strategy and deploy their roadmap at scale in order to quickly deliver expected value.

Currently, Ippon Technologies supports 100+ companies worldwide, and fifty companies in the United States, including several prominent names in the  financial services sector.

A Strong Strategy for 2024 with Assertive Ambitions 

Ippon's mission statement is to use the collective energy to create positive technology for performance and innovation. Geoffray Gruel, COO of Ippon, explained, "Our DNA is innovation in technology. That's what makes all Ipponites tick on a daily basis. Except that doing tech for tech's sake doesn't make sense anymore. It's no longer what our employees or customers want. Tech must be a source of progress for society, and that's what we're working on now."

To make this strategic shift, all teams - Tech, Marketing, HR, Business, and the Executive Committee - were involved at different points in the process. This helped lay the groundwork for this work and bring out three pillars: 

  1.   WHY? Positive Technology

Ippon is convinced technology is a source of progress for both organizations and society as a whole. Promoting a positive culture of humanism, generosity, and benevolence, which is reflected in the firm's diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

  1.   HOW? Collective Energy

A company driven by team spirit, building up one's self, and a winning culture. 

  1.   WHAT? Empowering Transformation

Guiding the transformation in a continuous alignment with its collaborators: technology experts and strategic consultants.

"This step in the history of Ippon Technologies is the result of a logical progression," said Nomis. "After several years of hyper growth, we had to structure ourselves even more and strengthen our positioning. After several months of collective work, we are proud to see this new identity born. It is the spearhead of our ‘Ippon 2024’ plan," he added. 

A New Visual Identity 

This new turning point brings a new visual identity. And for that, Ippon Technologies called upon a well-known French agency, 4uatre.

The new logo represents a blossoming shape that symbolizes positive transformation. It is a sign that highlights the idea of the collective through the intersection of shapes and the unity of the frame. 

The blue is a nod to the history of the company. It refers to a famous artist who was one of the first 4th dan in French judo. This ties into Nomis’ past life as a former professional judoka. This blue, as deep as it is electric, reflects the values and the state of mind of Ippon Technologies: the collective energy for positive technology! 

This new visual identity and the support offered by Ippon are now available on its new website: us.ippon.tech